For many decades plus size clothing has been given a back seat in the fashion industry and altogether neglected in retail stores for promoting them. Clothes not only portray fashion sense but convey people about your personality. Only in recent years, body shaming has toned down a bit and many brands are now actively participating in offering plus size clothing. Retailers have taken up on the challenge of actively selling plus size clothing in their stores to redefine fashion for women of all shapes and sizes.


The idea of embracing plus size clothes in the retail market came after the revelation that every curvy woman can look gorgeous with the right clothes and make a fashion statement. Clothes which fit perfectly to the body shape make the women gorgeous regardless of the size. It all comes down to the fit of the clothes rather than colors. The common perception in the fashion world is that black outfits deliver the sleek look but other colors that compliment the skin tone with right fit look equally beautiful.

Just look for clothes that can stretch and hug your curves to give an appealing look. Layer up the blouse or top with coats or blazers to hide the midsection to give the desired elongated slim look. Play with warm and bright colors in plus size tops rather than just sticking to monochromes and nude colors. Striped clothes should be carefully chosen for curvy women as big prints and chunky stripes are graceless in every fashion sense. Consider picking out vertical stripes over horizontal ones while trying dresses and top wear.

Follow the latest fashion to wear animal and floral prints which compliment the season and your body image. It is necessary to understand your body before shopping and see which layers or frills can cover your midsection if you are on the bulky side. Clothes which are baggy should not be worn as they give the bulky appearance. Have fun shopping for plus size clothes which give the day to night look when you are having a busy schedule. Update your wardrobe for every season and look stylish every day.


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